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Our projects....

Mothers Uncovered supports mothers to reconnect with the women they've always been through creative, peer-led workshops. We run My Birth, specifically for new mothers suffering birth trauma, and are developing a project for Young Mums.

Matrescence (meaning the process of becoming a mother) available on our dedicated site

Frazzled is a peer support online monthly session for parents and carers of SEND (special education needs and disabilities)

Teen Years peer-led support for parents and carers of older children, particularly teenagers.

Realise Your Potential a course to gain confidence and refocus you after having a career break to raise children

Uncorked presents immersive, improvised shows about local social issues. The audience controls their engagement level.

Established in 2007, Livestock is a community development and education charity.


We support people to sustain mental health and well-being through the arts.

We help people to share their histories and experiences to communicate with each other through peer support groups

and creative activities.

Our mission is to connect, inspire and entertain.​


Livestock - Charity number: 1122091

Community Base

13 Queens Road

Brighton BN1 3XG

01273 235336

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