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Toured in 2014-2015

Billy the Kid is the first modern anti-hero.

Two men claim to remember him; Chevron Malaise & Acapulco Beans.

It don't come back easy.


Billy the Kid – His Life in Music is an unlikely evening of reminiscence presented by two ageing cowboys. It has to be said; the stories don’t quite piece together. But with original songs, electronic soundscapes, re-enactments of famous moments in cowboy history and a wider examination of the quest for notoriety by association, the show makes makes for an original fusion of theatre and late night, off-beat humour.


Featuring musician Rex Horan (Neil Cowley Trio, Jazz Artist of the Year 2013) and writer/performer Chris Johnston (RSC and Co-Director of Livestock)  Rex and Chris have been working together over several years exploring ways to fuse music, theatre and comedy.


​'Livestock’s latest production is a mash-up of vaudevillian comedy double act,  fantastic music and song narrative and some imaginative performance choices  which, taken together, make for a sublimely hilarious event.'

 Ian Wilkie, University of London

'Been chuckling all morning remembering bits of the performance. What a wonderful piece you guys have put together. Genuinely engaging, funny, clever and the songs were brilliantly written. Very inspiring, congrats to the both of you.'
Andy Platts


'Best thing I saw all Fringe Festival this, and possible last year too!'

Jason, Brighton Fringe 2013


'What an excellent show. I loved almost everything about the show - the music, different musical genres, interaction between the performers, particularly the falsetto bits. The hat-juggling and following quarrel and borrowing instruments from audience is wonderful.'

Sophia Kingshill, author






Billy the Kid - His Life in Music

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