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When your impending Teen isn't going to the school you've chosen...

The allocation of secondary school places has long been a contentious issue in Brighton, this year there are 62 children in the Varndean/ Dorothy Stringer catchment area that have been allocated schools outside of catchment. A high proportion of these children have been offered schools a considerable distance from their homes, that would involve hour long commutes on two or more buses.

In previous years the schools have added additional classes to accommodate ‘bulge’ numbers in high birth years. The parents of these children have been campaigning for the same provision this year under the name Misplaced 62. A petition with over 2,400 signatures was heard at the council meeting last week but despite massive public support the councillors stuck to a script that says the schools do not have space, and that all the schools in Brighton are rated ‘good’ by Ofsted.

As a parent of a misplaced 62 child, I am dismayed at the lack of empathy the council has shown. These children have already been through an incredibly difficult year, with months off school and isolated from their friends. To now have the prospect of further isolation by being placed in schools so far from home.

Despite the decision at the council meeting the families are continuing to ask for answers as to how this situation has arisen. To follow the campaign please follow @misplaced62 on Twitter.

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