The Youth Club Experience

Brighton Youth Centre, 64 Edward St, BN2 0JR

25 & 26 June 2021


Ticket link coming soon.

You remember what it was like to go to the youth club, don't you? No...? Then let us remind you.

Revisit your glorious younger years and engage in those activities once more. Remember to dress the part (there will be a prize for most authentic youth dress from either the 70s or 80s) and to bring ££ for the tuck shop.

You will be checked for illegal substances and unauthorised weapons at the door.

The event is being brought to you by Real Life Roleplay for Brighton Youth Centre. They have been cleared of all misdemeanors from their last outing, in case you've done some Googling...

m/others uncorked began as the performing arm of Mothers Uncovered, presenting audience participation shows around the topic of motherhood.

Subsequently, the group extended to include other performers and themes.

m/others uncorked presents interactive, immersive pieces that deal with social issues.

They are largely improvised.

When the audience enters the space, they are playing a character within the fictional world.

We have presented four shows at The ONCA Gallery and The One Church.

Children of the Evolution - exploring the implications of a radical curriculum shake-up for secondary schools.

Read, Not Greed - exploring what would happen if the library started charging hire fees.

Green or Greed? - exploring the issues around erecting a new block of flats in a controversial spot.

The Health of Nations - looking at which service the hospital would cut in order to save money.