We will be returning in 2020 with a show in the Brighton Fringe.


We are also planning a workshop for health professionals exploring the impact of language for pregnant and birthing women.

m/others uncorked began as the performing arm of Mothers Uncovered, presenting audience participation shows around the topic of motherhood.

Subsequently, the group extended to include other performers and themes.

m/others uncorked presents interactive, immersive pieces that deal with social issues.

They are largely improvised.

When the audience enters the space, they are playing a character within the fictional world.

We have presented four shows at The ONCA Gallery and The One Church.

Children of the Evolution - exploring the implications of a radical curriculum shake-up for secondary schools.

Read, Not Greed - exploring what would happen if the library started charging hire fees.

Green or Greed? - exploring the issues around erecting a new block of flats in a controversial spot.

The Health of Nations - looking at which service the hospital would cut in order to save money.