We are delighted to bring you...


'Climate Guilt Club'

Brighton Youth Centre, 64 Edward St, BN2 0JR

May 28th & 30th: 6.30-7.30pm, £10 (£5 concs)


How green are you? Could you be more eco-friendly? What about everyone else, like Mrs Smith from down the road? You know you saw her putting a whole load of cardboard in her bin, rather than taking it to the recycling point. Never mind her, is there any point recycling when multinationals do nothing?!


Welcome to Climate Guilt Club!

We, the members of the Club, feel these things on a regular basis. We are so excited that you are thinking of joining us and can't wait to meet you!


If the first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club, we couldn't be more different. We actively invite you to spread the word.

In your trial session with us, you can experience 'The Bin of Lesser Judgement', 'The Action Wall' and 'The Confessional' and much, MUCH more!


Hair shirts optional.

Please note: This is an immersive, interactive performance experience addressing solidarity, complacency and anxiety in our attitude to the climate crisis, not an actual club...

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Uncorked began as Mothers Uncorked (the performing arm of Mothers Uncovered), presenting audience participation shows around the topic of motherhood.

Subsequently, the group extended to include other performers and themes, so was briefly m/others, but this is too unwieldy!

We present interactive, immersive pieces that deal with social issues.

They are largely improvised.

When the audience enters the space, they are playing a character within the fictional world.

We have presented five shows at The ONCA Gallery, Brighton Youth Centre and The One Church.


Read, Not Greed 2017- exploring what would happen if the library started charging hire fees.

Green or Greed? 2017- exploring the issues around erecting a new block of flats in a controversial spot.

The Health of Nations 2018- looking at which service the hospital would cut in order to save money.

Children of the Evolution 2018 & 2019- exploring the implications of a radical curriculum shake-up for secondary schools.

Youth Club Experience 2021

You remember what it was like to go to the youth club, don't you? No...? Then let us remind you.

This is a fun, immersive experience of what youth clubs were like in the 80s.

Don your best 80s gear (there will be a prize for the best outfit) and come and engage in a night of hilariously historical youth club activities.

You will not be checked for illegal substances and unauthorised weapons at the door (unless you want to be....)

Your ticket will include one item from the tuck shop, please remember this is an 80s event so it will involve sugar.....

It is rumoured that OfYouth, the national body that regulates youth club activities, will be paying a visit. Let's hope it doesn't coincide!!

All proceeds will support the work of Brighton Youth Centre. (this part is true)

We are very grateful to have received a Magic Little Grant through the partnership between Localgiving and Postcode Society Trust towards the cost of this production