The Teen Years

‘I expected that I would be absolutely prepared, unshockable, understanding – and that they wouldn’t do anything that I did when I was their age. I still love them like it actually hurts, but the truth is I don’t like a lot of what I see or hear of their adolescence.’ (parent of a teen)

A non-judgemental, honest, peer support session for parents and carers of teenage children. A chance to share the triumphs and challenges of this time and acknowledge the transition of your role as centre stage in your children’s lives to somewhere in the wings.

March 15th, 7.30-9.00pm on Zoom. Contact or text/whatsapp 07907 492992 to register your interest. Donation of up to £5 welcome.

Topics covered might include:
Communication and How this Has Changed, The Difference between Secrecy and Privacy, Hopes and Fears, Reality of being Parent to a Teen versus Expectation, Social Media, Life in Lockdown


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