The Teen Years
'I used to be funny, the source of entertainment. I was RIGHT, more often than not, listened to, wise counsel. Today, as it is most days, I am worthy of a snort and a roll of the eyes, ranked the lowest form, still wearing my most winning smile!' (a mother of a teen)


Evening sessions for parents (carers) of older children, particularly teenagers.
A safe space to talk openly and honestly, without judgement, about the joys and challenges you are experiencing.

A chance to acknowledge this time as a massive, and sometimes painful, transition from your role as centre stage in your child(ren)'s life to somewhere in the wings.

We have secured funding to run more sessions and will be restarting these in 2020.

The last three sessions followed these themes.
Session One - Communication
Session Two - Hopes and Fears
Session Three - Expectation v Reality